Welcome to Tina's Talent Agency
  • We’ll find the best available entertainment for you

    Here’s what you get from us
  • Variety of acts
  • Choice of entertainers
  • The right price

    Who is suitable for my event?
  • We can tell you who has done well for comparable bookings.
  • This saves you a lot of time
  • We get your feedback on our entertainers
  • We use your feedback to help our entertainers improve

    Will you help me plan my entertainment calendar?
  • Yes, we'll be happy to work with you.

    Which important dates should I book for?
  • They are on Tina’s Ideas. Click Here to sign up for them.
  • Need copies of Tina’s Ideas? Just ask – we’ll add you to our email list
  • Tina’s Ideas - planning ahead of time™

    Help! I need somebody. Quickly!
  • Phone 416-528-8682 OR e-mail
  • We’ll tell you who is available.
  • Then we conclude the deal for you as fast as we can

    What about the paperwork?
  • We provide invoices for all of our entertainers
  • We complete other documents e.g. direct deposit, for our entertainers
  • You pay the entertainer, the name and address is provided on the invoice
  • This keeps your accounts department happy

    Give me Assurance
    We give you:-

  • Consultation on suitable entertainment for your event
  • Choice of acts or you can have us filling repeating dates with different entertainers
  • Follow-up - We'll contact you to see how things went.
  • We'll send you reminders of upcoming dates so you can book in advance (this is Tina's Ideas)

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